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Re: Question How to define Scattering length for LaBr3:Ce (Aleksandar Gostojic)
Date: 06 Feb, 2013
From: Gumplinger Peter <Gumplinger Peter>

Dear Aleksandar,

I have not read the paper, so what I am writing here are merely comments.

> 1) The authors define attenuation length as combination of scattering
> length and absorption length. How do I define/code the parameter
> "scattering length" ?

The attenuation length is the length before any interaction happens to a photon, be it scattering or absorption.

> 2) Absorption in geant4 is defined as a process which kills a photon,
> but in the paper it is said that if a photon is absorbed there is a
> probability for it to be re-emitted with a slightly lower energy. How
> can I add this absorption/re-emission mechanism to my simulation ?

In Geant4, you can have absoption that simply removes the photon (G4OpAbsortion), or you can have 'wavelength shifting' where the original photon is removed with the subsequent emission of a WLS photon. The absorption length for the two processes may be different. The WLS process is called G4OpWLS.


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