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Question No reflection of optical photons 

Forum: Processes Involving Optical Photons
Date: 07 Dec, 2012
From: Ibrahim <Ibrahim>

Dear all,

I have two media of two different refraction indices (n1>n2). Optical photons are generated in the medium1 (n1). Since n1 is larger than n2 I have to see total reflection of optical photons at the boundary between media1 and media2, but there is no total reflection! Do you know why? These are the optical properties of these two media. Thank you .


const G4int nEntries = 2;

G4double PhotonEnergy[nEntries] = {2.23*eV, 2.24*eV,};

// Optical properties of Medium1

  G4double RefractiveIndex1[nEntries] = { 1.7,  1.7,};

  G4double Absorption1[nEntries] = {10.0*mm, 10.0*mm,};

  G4double Scattering1[nEntries] = {0.42*mm, 0.42*mm,};

  G4double ScintilFast[nEntries] = {0.82,0.45,};

  G4double ScintilSlow[nEntries] = { 0.014, 0.016,};

  G4MaterialPropertiesTable* myMPT1 = new G4MaterialPropertiesTable();
  myMPT1->AddProperty("RINDEX",       PhotonEnergy, RefractiveIndex1,nEntries);
  myMPT1->AddProperty("ABSLENGTH",    PhotonEnergy, Absorption1,     nEntries);
  myMPT1->AddProperty("FASTCOMPONENT",PhotonEnergy, ScintilFast,     nEntries);
  //myMPT1->AddProperty("SLOWCOMPONENT",PhotonEnergy, ScintilSlow,     nEntries);
  myMPT1->AddProperty("RAYLEIGH",    PhotonEnergy, Scattering1,     nEntries);

  myMPT1->AddConstProperty("FASTTIMECONSTANT", 0.2*ms);


//optical properties of Medium2

G4double Absorption2[nEntries] = {0.5*mm, 0.5*mm,}; G4double RefractiveIndex4[nEntries] = {1.45, 1.45,}; G4double Absorption4[nEntries] ={0.02*mm, 0.02*mm,};

G4MaterialPropertiesTable* myMPT4 = new G4MaterialPropertiesTable(); myMPT2->AddProperty("ABSLENGTH", PhotonEnergy, Absorption2, nEntries); myMPT2->AddProperty("RINDEX", PhotonEnergy, RefractiveIndex4, nEntries);



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