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None IncBoundaryAbsorption redux 

Forum: Processes Involving Optical Photons
Date: 18 Jun, 2012
From: Steve Asztalos <Steve Asztalos>


(I update an earlier post based on a better understanding of the conditions under which my program crashes.)

I'm modeling a scintillator crystal coupled to a PMT and borrowing heavily from examples ExN06 and LXe. My code compiles, runs transports ooptical photons to my sensitive volume (PMT), but crashes at line 20 of PWUserEventInformation.hh (attached) when an optical photon is absorbed at the boundary! The offending line is IncBoundaryAbsorption called by (attached) and is excised in the snippet below

//Check to see if the partcile was actually at a boundary
    //Otherwise the boundary status may not be valid
    //Prior to Geant4.6.0-p1 this would not have been enough to check
      case Absorption:

What does it mean to be absorbed at the boundary? I am unable to find any reference to this error and and wonder if anyone had a similar error?

Thanks - Steve

> /run/beamon 10


Photon at Boundary! 
 thePrePV:  scint
 thePostPV: world
 Old Momentum Direction: (-0.1941898612398218,-0.5288577703659351,-0.8261959552764893)
 Old Polarization:       (-0.5277291777419649,-0.6536474114289323,0.5424453672878455)
 New Momentum Direction: (-0.24510447679181,-0.5596712957106599,-0.7916387030799873)
 New Polarization:       (0.8858377532887497,0.202534956081251,-0.4174578618417744)
 *** Absorption *** 
    9     4.56     9.27      -10  3.07e-06        0     1.39        64       world Transportation
Segmentation fault


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