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Question Detection of optical photons 

Forum: Processes Involving Optical Photons
Date: 07 Jun, 2012
From: IW <IW>

I am confused about how to detect optical photons in Geant4. I have a detector physical volume with a refractive index attached to it. I define a Logical border surface of type dielectric_metal between the detector physical volume and the world physical volume, and attach an efficiency (1.0) and reflectivity(0.0) to it. By my understanding, I should see no photons "go through" this surface, since all of them would be either reflected or absorbed/detected. However, I see nearly all of my photons go right through this border surface, into the detector volume and out again to the world volume. What is wrong with my reasoning? Also, is my approach to detect optical photons correct? My goal is to count how many photons hit the detector and get the energy they deposit (according to my detector efficiency). So my intention is to use the referred dielectric_metal surface and define my detector as a sensitive volume so that I can go into the G4SteppingAction and call ProcessHits in case the boundary status is "Detection" and manually generate a hit. Is this the simplest approach, or am I over-complicating? (side question: why can't photons "go through" the sensitive detector like other massive particles (as stated in the LXe example)?). Thanks!

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