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Re: Question OpticalSurface and Parameterised Volumes (Liliana Cortes)
Date: 26 Apr, 2012
From: Gumplinger Peter <Gumplinger Peter>

> I am trying to simulate an array of scintillators. I placed my array
> using G4PVParameterised. Now, when I put the Optical Surfaces I don't
> see any change.

What do you mean by 'change'? And how can you 'put Optical Surfaces' when the only signatures accepted for G4LogicalBorderSurface or G4LogicalSkinSurface is either G4VPhysicalVolume or G4LogicalVolume? How did it compile? ... O.k. it may work in case of G4LogicalSkinSurface but I presume you want a G4LogicalBorderSurface.

> I read somewhere that Optical Surfaces only work when Placement is used to
> place a physical volume, so my question is: Is this true?

The problem is simply a C++ issue. The G4OpBoundaryProcess is looking for:

                  (pPreStepPoint ->GetPhysicalVolume(),

etc. If this succeeds, it'll retreive the G4OpticalSurface for that pointer.

If you don't need a G4OpticalSurface (for perfectly smooth dielectric_dielectric surfaces) then optical photon tracking in a geometry built with G4PVParameterised should still work as the index of refraction is taken from each G4LogicalVolume.

> Should I find another way to put my array of scintillators?

I am afraid yes if you need G4OpticalSurface. In the worst case, you'll need to instantiate individual solids, log. volumes and placements, and you'll have to define your surfaces for each and every of these placements.


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