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Question segmentation violation when running many events 

Forum: Processes Involving Optical Photons
Date: 11 Feb, 2012
From: Athreya Shankar <Athreya Shankar>


I am trying to record the number of optical photons produced per event by 10 MeV electrons in a plastic scintillator. When I run a small number of events, say, around 100 or even 1000, there is no problem. But, if I increase it to 5000 or 10000, then the program exits in the middle with a segmentation error. It is NOT a memory issue as only 460-470 MB of my 3 GB RAM is used up. I ran the code using gdb, and the following is the output:

#0  0x01dd7217 in G4SteppingManager::Stepping() ()
   from /home/athreya/geant4/install/9.4.p02/lib/geant4/Linux-g++/
#1  0x01de18be in G4TrackingManager::ProcessOneTrack(G4Track*) ()
   from /home/athreya/geant4/install/9.4.p02/lib/geant4/Linux-g++/
#2  0x01d4a34c in G4EventManager::DoProcessing(G4Event*) ()
   from /home/athreya/geant4/install/9.4.p02/lib/geant4/Linux-g++/
#3  0x01d4ad2b in G4EventManager::ProcessOneEvent(G4Event*) ()
   from /home/athreya/geant4/install/9.4.p02/lib/geant4/Linux-g++/
#4  0x0064bbac in G4RunManager::DoEventLoop(int, char const*, int) ()
   from /home/athreya/geant4/install/9.4.p02/lib/geant4/Linux-g++/
#5  0x0064b6c1 in G4RunManager::BeamOn(int, char const*, int) ()
   from /home/athreya/geant4/install/9.4.p02/lib/geant4/Linux-g++/
#6  0x0065362e in G4RunMessenger::SetNewValue(G4UIcommand*, G4String) ()
   from /home/athreya/geant4/install/9.4.p02/lib/geant4/Linux-g++/
#7  0x02254708 in G4UIcommand::DoIt(G4String) ()
   from /home/athreya/geant4/install/9.4.p02/lib/geant4/Linux-g++/
#8  0x0226c682 in G4UImanager::ApplyCommand(char const*) ()

 Sometimes, it exits at G4Transportation::PostStepDoIt(G4Track const&, G4Step const&)...

What is even more surprising is that gdb doesnt show up any code that I have written or modified as the culprit for the segmentation error. Please suggest some way in which I can rectify this problem.

Thanks in advance, Athreya

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