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Keywords: s-wave p-wave reflectivity
Forum: Processes Involving Optical Photons
Date: 16 Apr, 2007
From: Campagne J.E <>

Hi !
Of course it is impotant to take into account optical photon polarisation
and I have a specific question about the reflectivity of mirrors for
1) I have a UV mirror which has a different reflectivity coefficient
for s-waves (polarisation perpendicular to the incident plane) and 
p-waves (polarisation contained in the incident plane)
2) for the time beeing I have defined the optical properties as: 
   OpRealisticMirrorSurface = new G4OpticalSurface("MirrorSurface");
   const G4int NUM_realmirror = 5;
   //                                                   600nm    400nm    350nm     300nm    250nm    200nm
   G4double PP_realmirror[NUM_realmirror]           = { 2.08*eV, 3.10*eV, 3.54*eV, 4.13*eV, 4.96*eV, 6.20*eV };
   G4double REFLECTIVITY_realmirror[NUM_realmirror] = { 0.94   , 0.94   , 0.92   , 0.89   , 0.84   , 0.60    };
   G4double EFFICIENCY_realmirror[NUM_realmirror]   = { 0.0    , 0.0    , 0.0    , 0.0    , 0.0    , 0.0     };
   G4MaterialPropertiesTable *myST222 = new G4MaterialPropertiesTable();
   myST22->AddProperty("REFLECTIVITY", PP_realmirror, REFLECTIVITY_realmirror, NUM_realmirror);
   myST22->AddProperty("EFFICIENCY", PP_realmirror, EFFICIENCY_realmirror, NUM_realmirror);
3) I have send optical photon at 45deg to the mirror (beam direction (1 0 1)) and with the 2 kinds
of polarisation (0 1 0) for s-wave and (1 0 -1) for p-wave.

I got exactly the same reflection efficiency measured as the number of photon reflected at a given wavelength, for the 2 types of waves. So I would like to know how I can introduce 2 REFLECTIVITY value arrays, one for s-wave and one for p-wave?

The question is not academic as I want to study Cerenkov light which is polarized and I am using UV-mirrors with properties 1)

Regards JE

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