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None Too Much Self Absorption 

Forum: Processes Involving Optical Photons
Date: 05 Feb, 2011
From: Davinder Siwal <Davinder Siwal>

Hii Geant4 Users

IO am trying to simulate the LYSO scintillator for DOI study. SO i define my LYSO crystal as in which Ce is added 5% of mole fraction But I don't Understand why there is too Much Self Absorption

G4Element *Lu = new G4Element("Lutetium","Lu", z=71, a=175.01*g/mole);
  G4Element *Si = new G4Element("Silicon", "Si", z=14, a=28.01*g/mole);
  G4Element *Y  = new G4Element("Yttrium", "Y", z=39, a=88.9*g/mole);
  G4Element* Ce = new G4Element("Cerium", "Ce", z=58, a=140*g/mole);

  G4Material *Scint_mat = new G4Material("Scint", density=7.4*g/cm3, nel = 4);
  Scint_mat->AddElement(Lu, 71*perCent);
  Scint_mat->AddElement(Si, 7*perCent);
  Scint_mat->AddElement(O, 18*perCent);
  Scint_mat->AddElement(Y, 4*perCent);

  G4Material *LYSO = new G4Material("LYSO", density=7.4*g/cm3, nel = 2);
  LYSO->AddMaterial(Scint_mat, 99.85*perCent);
  LYSO->AddElement(Ce, 0.15*perCent);

Number of optical photons by Scintillation Process :13342 Number of optical photons by Cerenkov Process :0 Total optical photons produce in this event: 13342 Total no. of hits in Scintillator = 2 No. of photon Absorbed = 10342 No. of Photons Absorb at glass/Photocathode Boundary = 0 Total PhotoCathode Hits = 953 Total energy deposited by this event = 511 keV

and this I have been tried for large no. of events but result remain almost the same

can anybody tell me the reason of my observation

thanks in advance

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