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Feedback Re: TheCerenkovProcess->SetMaxNumPhotonsPerStep(20) 

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Re: Question TheCerenkovProcess->SetMaxNumPhotonsPerStep(20) (Ibrahim)
Date: 16 Apr, 2010
From: Gumplinger Peter <Gumplinger Peter>

I must ask you to read the Application Developers Manual:

where you'll find the following paragraph:

"The user may limit the step size by specifying a maximum (average) number of Cerenkov photons created during the step, using the SetMaxNumPhotonsPerStep(const G4int NumPhotons) method. The actual number generated will necessarily be different due to the Poissonian nature of the production."

It says 'may limit the step size' not that you have to do it; and

"The flux, spectrum, polarization and emission of Cerenkov radiation in the AlongStepDoIt method of the class G4Cerenkov follow well-known formulae,"

flux == number of Cerenkov photons per step

You can find the well-know formulae in every text book about Cerenkov radiation but also in our Physics Reference Manual at page 107+108 (at chapter II 7.10)

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