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Re: Question Reflection, refraction and transmitted angles (Paloma)
Date: 04 Feb, 2010
From: Gumplinger Peter <Gumplinger Peter>

Hi Paloma,

1) Model == unified, Type == dielectric_dielectric, Lobe

i) The designation for theFinish == 'polished' trumps any specification related to theFinish == 'ground' (e.g. the proabilities of the various UNIFIED model reflections, for example, specular lobe, and hence also the specification of sigma_alpha to sample the facet normal.) Thus, so long as you specify 'polished' all your simulations give identical results.

ii + iii) your findings are what I expect

iv) the reflection is always lampertian (e.g. whatever you set for sigma_alpha should make no difference)

v) ok (again 'polish' trumps)

vi) with polishedbackpainted you have a polished surface between the crystal and the gap and a polished backpaint. the angles should all come out the same regardless of sigma_alpha

2) same as 1) but Spike

i) same as i) above

ii) now the UNIFIED model reflection probabilities trump your designation of 'ground'. Therefore, with specular spike == 1, you in fact have again a polished surface and also sigma_alpha is ignored

iii) see my comment ii) just above. Any photons reflecting off the 'backpaint' have a Lambertian distribution.

iv) 'groundfrontpainted' means a Lambertian reflector regardless of any other specification.

v) ok


i) ok ii) ok

iii) With 'painted' you have a Lambertian reflector backing up the 'ground' surface so you can have reflections on the crystal/gap interface (spike, lobe, backscattering, lambertian) and from the backpaint (Lambertian). For reflections off the backpaint the photon has to have been refracted into the gap first.

iv) only Lambertian reflection, no refractions

v) only polished (spike) reflection, no refractions

vi) spike reflections from the crystal/gap and spike reflections from the backpaint.


polished - spike reflections only (apart from absorption - you also have absortions in the 'painted' options above)

ground - reflection(can be spike,lobe, backscattering or lambertian), absorption, correct!

Hope this answeres all of your questions.


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