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Forum: Processes Involving Optical Photons
Re: Question How can I "divide" surfaces to assign different optical properties to them? (Astrid Velroyen)
Date: 15 Dec, 2009
From: Gumplinger Peter <Gumplinger Peter>

Hello Astrid,

There is a way to assign different optical properties to the surfaces of a solid/volume. However, this requires you to construct your geometry a little bit different. In most cases, this is possible and I'd hope that this is possible in your specific case as well. Normally, you place your solid as a daughter inside a larger volume and you would then define a G4LogicalBorderSurface with vol1 being your solid and vol2 being the 'mother'. If you now need one of your surfaces different from the others, you'll need to define another daughter volume that is shaped, has the right size, and is positioned such as to touch this special surface. This daughter volume will need to be filled with the same material as the mother so as to not change the physical simulation. With this third volume you can now define a second G4LogicalBorderSurface with vol1 being your solid and vol2 being the 3rd volume. This 3rd volume can be as thin or as thick perpendicular to the surface so long as it fits without overlapping other daughters. Similarly, if one surface has two types of finishes, you'll have to apply this 'trick' to each partial surface. In this way, you will have divided the volume around your crystal. The tracking will see these boundaries and since they are made of the same material - index of refraction - no refraction will happen at these boundaries. However, you have only one crystal volume, and hence, only one 'sensitive detector' which is why I think you don't want to divide the crystal itself.

Let me know if my explanation isn't clear, Peter

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