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Warning Polyhedra and BorderSurface - a bug? 

Forum: Processes Involving Optical Photons
Date: 01 Jul, 2003
From: Oleksiy <Oleksiy >

Dear Experts,

I trying to implement optical surface for some hexagonal geometry.
But border_surface does not seem to be working for this geometry, or rather, 
I suspect, I am not implementing it corectly. 

I decided to check my hex implementation on N06, I just added another object:

//My hex Bubble

#define VECSIZE 2

G4int Sides = 6;
G4double Min_Len =0.*mm;  
G4double Max_Len = 15.*cm;
G4double LengthZ = 15.*cm;
G4double RMINVec[VECSIZE] = { Min_Len, Min_Len }; 
G4double RMAXVec[VECSIZE] = { Max_Len, Max_Len }; 
G4double Z_Values[VECSIZE] = { -LengthZ/2,LengthZ/2}; 

G4BREPSolidPolyhedra* solidConduit = new G4BREPSolidPolyhedra( "Conduit", 0., 2.*pi, Sides, VECSIZE, Z_Values[0], Z_Values, RMINVec, RMAXVec);
G4LogicalVolume*  logicConduit = new G4LogicalVolume(solidConduit,Air, "Conduit",0,0,0);  
G4VPhysicalVolume* physiConduit = new G4PVPlacement(0,0, logicConduit,"Conduit",waterTank_log,   false,0); 

Also, by analogy I specified optical surface:

G4OpticalSurface* OpAirSurface2 = new G4OpticalSurface("AirSurface2");
G4LogicalSkinSurface* AirSurface2 = 
	  new G4LogicalSkinSurface("AirSurface2", logicConduit, OpAirSurface2);


but it seems to be freezing into some veeery long loop :(.

I could not find any working example with reflecting /or any surface/ 
for polyhedra geometries. I would greatly appreciate if you could point out to my error.

Thank you very much.



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