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Question Cherenkov photons energy distribution 

Keywords: photons cherenkov energy range distribution rindex
Forum: Processes Involving Optical Photons
Date: 01 Sep, 2004
From: Vlasios Vasileiou <Vlasios Vasileiou>

In the G4Cerenkov process, I see that there aren't any Cherenkov photons
produced with energies outside the energy range used for specifying the
refraction index. 

This is logical.

What happens if the energy range of the specified refraction index, 
doesn't cover all of the allowed cherenkov energies?

Suppose in reality for a given particle&material we have cherenkov
photons from emin to emax. 

What happens if we try to simulate the same particle&material and the
rindex energy range (Emin-Emax) we specify doesn't cover all of emin-emax?

Will we get correct number-of-photons/step and energy distributions (for
the Emin-Emax range), or will these two will be incorrect?

My question is because I generate Cherenkov photons in water and my 
detectors have a specific energy range they are sensitive to. I used to
specify all the properties of water in this energy range. I have the 
impression that by restricting the available energy range the population
of cherenkov photons in my water isn't the one that would be in reality
(comparing in the detector-sensitive energy range always).

Vlasios Vasileiou

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