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Keywords: fresnel refraction, total internal reflection, optical boundary process
Forum: Processes Involving Optical Photons
Date: 30 Nov, 2006
From: Kay Ulbrich <Kay Ulbrich>

Hello Peter!

Thank you very much for your answer.

No, in this part of the geometry I do not use G4OpticalSurface objects. I understand, this is not necessary for bare Fresnel type refraction between different dielectrics?

The World volume is filled by air, which is the same G4Material object for all logical volumes, refractive index is set.

Anyway, my initial problem description was a bit overloaded. I have reduced everything to the following:

(1) derive a class RadiatorBlock from G4LogicalVolume
(2) in the constructor, inititalize it with a G4Box, filled
    with air
(3) then completely fill it with Plexiglass bars, everyone a 
    separate G4LogicalVolume, no gaps between bars or between
    bars and the RadiatorBlock
(4) place it in the World volume, a big G4Box, filled with air

When placing this radiator in the mother volume, the refraction is not done correctly, in the way, described in my original posting (I generate Cherenkov photons in the block).

When, nevertheless, in step (2) giving the G4Box e.g. 1*E-9*m additional length in each direction, everything works fine.

Assuming, I have not missed a mistake on my part, could this be a floating point problem, meaning, one would have to "pad" certain mother volumes?

Greetings, Kay

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