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None TestEm7 example and Bins 

Forum: Medical Applications
Date: 01 Apr, 2017
From: Tim Fulcher <Tim Fulcher>

Hi all. Noob questions follow:

Iíve considering using the Geant example Test Em7 as the basis for a model. Iím examining the distal side of the Bragg peak and need the peak in considerable detail.

I have managed to modify some aspects of the code in TestEm7 (energy etc) as well as getting it to save in CSV format (I have developed a algorithm to extract data in matlab and I intend to generate the BP in Geant and analyse it using matlab. CSV format seem the most elegant way of moving the data).

I have also found the following commands which seems to allow me to set the number of bins and save that data:

/analysis/setFileName test17

/analysis/h1/set 1 100 1 15 MeV

(found here:

However on examining the CSV file the number of bins saved in the CSV file does not reflect the number of bins set in the command. How can I set the number of bins to, say, 1000 to return the peak, particularly the distal side in more detail?

Second question: Iíve tried changing the beam from monoenergetic to having a Gaussian spread using the command:

/gps/ene/type Exp

/gps/ene/min 2. MeV

/gps/ene/max 10. MeV

But TestEm7 returned ďcommand not foundĒ. Any hints on how to do this?

Third question: does the Geant model for protons include range straggling? If so which model? Landau? Gaussian?


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