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Keywords: radiotherapy
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Re: Question The distribution of the absorbed dose (Shahrokh)
Date: 30 Apr, 2004
From: Joseph Perl <Joseph Perl>

You may want to look at Susanna Guatelli's excellent Brachytherapy Example.

It is included in the Geant4 examples as:

She has a web page on this topic at:

Here's the README from her example directory:

 		      Geant4 - Brachytherapy example


------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----> Introduction. |

Brachytherapy example simulates energy deposit in a Phantom filled with | soft tissue for: 1) Iridium source (endocavitary brachytherapy). | 2) Iodium source (interstitial brachytherapy). 3) Leipzig Applicator (superficial brachytherapy). | ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----> 1.Experimental set-up. |

The default source is an Ir-131 source put in the center of the Phantom.|  
The Phantom is a box (dimension:30cm), it is gridded in 
voxels ( dimension)                                                 |
----> 2.SET-UP 
 -example enviroment with the compiler 3.2                              
 -a standard Geant4 example GNUmakefile is provided                     |

setup with: | compiler = gcc-3.2 G4SYSTEM = linux-g++ |

The following environment variables need to be set: |

G4LEDATA: points to low energy data base - G4EMLOW2.2                   |

setup for analysis with AIDA 3.0/Anaphe 5.0.5 for user with account     |
on lxplus:
setenv G4ANALYSIS_USE  1
source /afs/
setenv PATH ${PATH}:/afs/    |

 Please take a look to the Anaphe/Lizard web page                       | 
 for more info                                                          |

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----> 3.How to run the example. |

- batch mode:
  $G4WORDIR/bin/Linux-g++/Brachy IridiumSourceMacro.mac                 |
  $G4WORDIR/bin/Linux-g++/Brachy IodiumSourceMacro.mac       
  $G4WORDIR/bin/Linux-g++/Brachy LeipzigSourceMacro.mac  
- Interative mode:                                                      
  3) $G4WORDIR/bin/Linux-g++/Brachy
     The VisualisationMacro.mac is loaded automatically                 |

-->possible different configurations for interactive mode: |

1)Ir source: | idle>/run/beamOn NumberOfEvents ...and then idle>exit |

2)Leipzig Applicator:                                                   |
idle>/source/switch Leipzig                                           
idle>/run/beamOn NumberOfEvents     ...and then                         |
idle> exit
3) Iodium  source:
idle>/source/switch Iodium                                              |
idle>/run/energy Iodium
idle>/run/beamOn NumberOfEvents     ...and then                         |
*Before the run you can also change the absorber material of the 
Phantom:                                                                |
idle>/phantom/selectMaterial  materialName
- batch mode: executable Brachy macroFile.mac 
  macros are provided as example: IodiumSourceMacro.mac,
  IridiumSourceMacro.mac, LeipzigSourceMacro.mac                        |
  (ex. $G4WORKDIR/bin/Linux-g++/Brachy IodiumSourceMacro.mac)   
----> 4. Simulation output                                              |

if ANALYSIS_USE = 1 in the set-up, the output is brachytherapy.hbk |

 It contains:
 1)1Dhistogram with the primary particle energy                         |
 2)2Dhistogram with the distribution of energy in the plane 
   (x,z,energy) containing the source (YThickness = 1. mm)   
 3)1Dhistogram with the energy deposit along the X axis in the plane    |
   containing the source.
 4)Ntuple with the 3D energy deposit in the Phantom                    
Units:   the energy deposit is in MeV;
         x, y, z in mm for histograms and ntuple                        |
----> 5.Visualisation                                                   | 

a macro is provided ad example of visualisation: VisualisationMacro.mac|


for comments, advices, doubts and questions: for more info

last modified: Susanna Guatelli 11/3/2004

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