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None Error in running the make file in cygwin 

Keywords: AIDAJNI, AIDA, cygwin, GNUmakefile
Forum: Installation and Configuration
Date: 13 Sep, 2007
From: Reema <Reema>

Hi all,

I am working on installing the Geant 4_9_0 for almost three weeks now. I have been successful in running the N01 example. Currently , I am trying to run this example, which uses AIDA/AIDAJNI for analysis. My make file looks as follows:

name := LeiTest
G4TARGET := $(name)
G4EXLIB := true
ifndef G4INSTALL
  G4INSTALL = ../../..
.PHONY: all
all: lib bin
include $(G4INSTALL)/config/binmake.gmk
   CPPFLAGS += -Ic:/AIDAJNI-3.2.3/include
   LOADLIBS += '-libpath:'c:/AIDAJNI-3.2.3/lib/WIN32-VC7 AIDAJNI.lib FHJNI.lib '-libpath:'c:/jdk1.5.0/lib jvm.lib

While running this make file I get an error:

Using granular libraries ... Linking LeiTest ... libLeiTest.a(LeiTestAnalysisManager.o) : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _AIDA_createAnalysisFactory referenced in function "private: __thiscall LeiTestAnalysisManager::LeiTestAnalysisManager(void)" (??0LeiTestAnalysisManager@@AAE@XZ) c:/g4work/bin/WIN32-VC/LeiTest.exe : warning LNK4088: image being generated due to /FORCE option; image may not run ... Done!

Any suggestions?? I am using the following versions: AIDA-3.2.4, AIDAJNI-3.2.3, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 VC 8 compiler, Windows XP

Thanks in advance! Best regards, Reema

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