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None Re: CONTINUATION: /home/zaldy/ThisGeant4_8_3/.config/bin/Linux-g++/g4make.log 

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Re: Question Library on Hadronic Physics process (maybe...!) (zaldy)
Re: None CONTINUATION: /home/zaldy/ThisGeant4_8_3/.config/bin/Linux-g++/g4make.log (Zaldy)
Date: 16 Aug, 2007
From: Guy Barrand <Guy Barrand>


  I think that the problem is related to something wrong in the 
 libG4processes or related. In particular it is not tied to 
 OpenScientist since OSC is not used to link the libG4hadronic_xxx
 that poses problem.
  In fact when Zaldy says "cannot install OpenSientist" it appears
 that he attempts to build a "osc_g4" kit and that he has the same
 error message when attempting to build the "G4Lab shared lib" which
 is linked to libG4processes.
  In particular on his system and compiler the build of the shared
 lib like or even good part of my OSC shared libs
 in my BatchLab, CoinGL, Lib, HEPVis packages are ok. Then I do not think
 that the problem is tied to the linker or "g++ --shared" command
  In particular I am pretty sure that the problem will happen
 in any software that will attempt to build a shared lib using

  Then I strongly suspect something wrong in some class of 
 something in libG4processes. 
  But the messages he get are a little bit mysterious to me.
 First time I encouter such messages. No idea how to proceed.
 I think that we have to wait some answer from CERN G4 support...


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