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None Re: Compiling Problem - error: expected unqualified-id before "namespace" 

Keywords: compile error
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Re: None Compiling Problem - error: expected unqualified-id before "namespace" (Jamie Robinson)
Re: None Re: Compiling Problem - error: expected unqualified-id before "namespace" (Ben Morgan)
Date: 26 Sep, 2007
From: Jamie Robinson <>

Ive vigorously checked through each file and there doesnt appear to be any syntax errors here are the required files

#ifndef TaggerDetectorConstruction_h
#define TaggerDetectorConstruction_h 1

#include "G4VUserDetectorConstruction.hh"
#include "globals.hh"
#include "G4NistManager.hh"
#include "TaggerDetectorMessenger.hh"

class G4Box; class G4Tubs; class G4VPhysicalVolume; class G4Material; class G4LogicalVolume; class TaggerDetectorMessenger;

class TaggerDetectorConstruction : public G4VUserDetectorConstruction {



  G4VPhysicalVolume* Construct();

  void MakeTagger();
  void UpdateGeometry();

  //Set functions used by messenger class

  void SetRadiatorMaterial(G4String mat){fTargetMaterial=G4NistManager::Instance()->FindOrBuildMaterial(mat);}
  void SetRadZ(G4double zz){fRadZ=zz;}
  void SetColRad(G4double rr){fColRad=rr;)


  G4Box* fWorld;
  G4LogicalVolume* fWorldLogic;
  G4VPhysicalVolume fWorldPhysi;

  G4Box* fRadiator;
  G4LogicalVolume* fRadiatorLogic;
  G4VPhysicalVolume fRadiatorPhysi;

  //Field Volume
  G4Box* fFieldVol;
  G4LogicalVolume* fFieldVolLogic;
  G4VPhysicalVolume fFieldVolPhysi;

  //Focal Plane Array
  G4Box* fFPA;
  G4LogicalVolume* fFLPAogic;
  G4VPhysicalVolume fFPAPhysi;

  //Main Collimator
  G4Tubs* fMainCol;
  G4LogicalVolume* fMainColLogic;
  G4VPhysicalVolume fMainCollPhysi;

  //Post Collimator
  G4Tubs* fPostCol;
  G4LogicalVolume* fPostColLogic;
  G4VPhysicalVolume fPostCollPhysi;

  //Lead Glass Photon Detector
  G4Box* fPbGlass;
  G4LogicalVolume* fPbGlassLogic;
  G4VPhysicalVolume fPbGlassPhysi;

  G4Material* fRadiatorMaterial;

  G4NistManager* fNistManager;
  TaggerDetectorMessenger* fDetMessenger; //pointer to messenger

  G4double fRadZ; //Radiator thickness
  G4double fColRad; //inner radius of main collimator

  void Materials();
  void MakeRadiator();
  void MakeFieldVol();
  void MakeFPA();
  void MakeMainCol();
  void MakePostCol();
  void MakePbGlass();


#ifndef TaggerDetectorMessenger_h
#define TaggerDetectorMessenger_h 1

#include "globals.hh"
#include "G4UImessenger.hh"

class TaggerDetectorConstruction; class G4UIdirectory; class G4UIcmdWithAnInteger; class G4UIcmdWithAString; class G4UIcmdWithoutParameter; class G4UIcmdWithADoubleAndUnit;

class TaggerDetectorMessenger: public G4UImessenger
    TaggerDetectorMessenger(TaggerDetectorConstruction* );

    void SetNewValue(G4UIcommand*, G4String);


    TaggerDetectorConstruction* fTaggerDetector;

  G4UIdirectory*                  fTagDir;
  G4UIdirectory*                  fdetDir;
  G4UIcmdWithADoubleAndUnit*      fRadZCmd;
  G4UIcmdWithADoubleAndUnit*      fColRadCmd;
  G4UIcmdWithADoubleAndUnit*      fFieldValueCmd;
  G4UIcmdWithoutParameter*        fUpdateCmd;
  G4UIcmdWithAString*             fRadiatorMaterialCmd;


#ifndef TaggerSD_h
#define TaggerSD_h 1

#include "G4VSensitiveDetector.hh"
#include "globals.hh"

class G4TouchableHistory; class G4HCofThisEvent; class G4Step;

#include "TaggerHit.hh"

class TaggerSD : public G4VSensitiveDetector { public:


  void Initialize(G4HCofThisEvent*);
  G4bool ProcessHits(G4Step* astep,G4TouchableHistory*);
  void EndOfEvent(G4HCofThisEvent*);
  void clear();
  void DrawAll();
  void PrintAll();

    TaggerHitsCollection *TaggerCollection; // General array of TaggerHits (from TaggerHit.hh)


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