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Question Installation in windows not working 

Forum: Installation and Configuration
Date: Feb 17, 11:16
From: Sanchit Sharma <Sanchit Sharma>


I have installed Geant4.10.5 on wondows 10 and built it with Qt support. When I build my first example I get bellow message on Qt. However, when I do /run/initialize/ it is fine but after doinf /vis/open OGL and /vis/drawVolume, Qt crashes without giving any error messages. I would be grateful of any help in this regard.

************************************************************** Geant4 version Name: geant4-10-05 (7-December-2018) Copyright : Geant4 Collaboration References : NIM A 506 (2003), 250-303

: IEEE-TNS 53 (2006), 270-278
: NIM A 835 (2016), 186-225
WWW : ************************************************************** <<< Reference Physics List QBBC Visualization Manager instantiating with verbosity "warnings (3)"... Visualization Manager initialising... Registering graphics systems... You have successfully registered the following graphics systems. Current available graphics systems are: ASCIITree (ATree) DAWNFILE (DAWNFILE) G4HepRep (HepRepXML) G4HepRepFile (HepRepFile) RayTracer (RayTracer) VRML1FILE (VRML1FILE) VRML2FILE (VRML2FILE) gMocrenFile (gMocrenFile) OpenGLImmediateQt (OGLIQt, OGLI) OpenGLStoredQt (OGLSQt, OGL, OGLS) OpenGLImmediateWin32 (OGLIWin32, OGLIQt_FALLBACK) OpenGLStoredWin32 (OGLSWin32, OGLSQt_FALLBACK) Registering model factories... You have successfully registered the following model factories. Registered model factories: generic drawByAttribute drawByCharge drawByOriginVolume drawByParticleID drawByEncounteredVolume Registered filter factories: attributeFilter chargeFilter originVolumeFilter particleFilter encounteredVolumeFilter You have successfully registered the following user vis actions. Run Duration User Vis Actions: none End of Event User Vis Actions: none End of Run User Vis Actions: none Some /vis commands (optionally) take a string to specify colour. "/vis/list" to see available colours. ERROR: Can not open a macro file <init_vis.mac>. Set macro path with "/control/macroPath" if needed.

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