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Re: None file INSTALL cannot read symlink (Christopher Walker)
Date: Jan 12, 23:58
From: Christopher Walker <Christopher Walker>

   I believe I have found the source of the problem. I installed Geant4 under my OneDrive directory and this seems to have caused the failure to build. I am now getting other errors which I may report on too !

regards Chris

On Sat, 12 Jan 2019 12:09:15 GMT, Christopher Walker wrote:

> Hello,
>    I am using: Windows 10, compiler Visual Studio 2017, cmake version 3.13.1, geant4 version 10.05.
> I issued the command: cmake -G "Visual Studio 15 2017"
> -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=C:\Users\chris\OneDrive\Documents\Users\Chris\geant4_10_05-install
> C:\Users\chris\OneDrive\Documents\Users\Chris\geant4_10_05
> from the directory:
> C:\Users\chris\OneDrive\Documents\Users\Chris\geant4_10_05-build>
> I then issued the command: cmake --build . --config Release
> and then cmake --build . --config Release --target install
> the first commands succeeded, but the last command failed with the following error (among others)
>  -- Install configuration: "Release"
>   CMake Error at cmake_install.cmake:44 (file):
>     file INSTALL cannot read symlink
>     "C:/Users/chris/OneDrive/Documents/Users/Chris/geant4_10_05-build/data/G4NDL4.5"
>     to duplicate at
>     "C:/Users/chris/OneDrive/Documents/Users/Chris/geant4_10_05-install/share/Geant4-10.5.0/data/G4NDL4.5".
> Looking at previously reported similar errors, this kind of error can be
> caused by not having administrator privileges for the required install
> directory. However, I am the administrator for this PC. Does anyone have
> a suggestion as to what might be going wrong ?
> Thanks Chris

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