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Re: Question Example B1 won't display text (Anne)
Date: 24 Aug, 2018
From: Jonathan Madsen <Jonathan Madsen>

This should probably be in the visualization forum.

I have noted this behavior on macOS too along with issues with the standard OpenGL X11 viewer (e.g. /vis/open OGLSX 600x600-0+0). The visualization developers could probably help much more than I can as to the reason for this bug but they likely won't see this message unless you post your question in that forum.

But if I had to venture a guess, it's likely this issue has more to do with Apple than Geant4. These days, Apple cares very little for cross-platform applications like Geant4. Essentially, if you aren't developing an app for the AppStore, you can no longer expect Apple to provide support. Visualization on macOS is greatly affected by this mentality:

- Apple used to have dedicated support for X11 on OSX, then they dropped that support and went with the open-source project: XQuartz 
    - XQuartz hasn't had a new release since October 2016 so it is very likely outdated w.r.t. macOS backend changes and thus, the reason OGLSX and OGLIX compiles but crashes
- Apple has deprecated support for OpenGL and OpenCL in favor of a proprietary hybrid called "Metal" 
    - The API is only available via Swift and Objective-C programming languages, not C++
    - Although Apple claims they still support OpenGL on High Sierra, Apple very likely doesn't have any dedicated developers for these libraries anymore

Possible solutions:

- Install Linux image within VirtualBox
    - visualization will work there but running batch jobs in VM is not recommended w.r.t. performance
- Create a Docker image of Geant4 using Linux
    - You can run X11 applications within the Docker image and forward X11 display to XQuartz
    - This solution will use Linux X11 to build image and only forward final image to XQuartz
    - There are pre-built ones here:
        - These don't have the X11/xserver installed within container but you can customize Dockerfiles from to do this
- Ignore
    - This is not a "critical" bug in the sense that it is just text display issues, not volumes, and Geant4 is not producing an invalid result

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