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Question Installation and example B1 

Forum: Installation and Configuration
Date: 01 Dec, 2015
From: Denis <Denis>

I have been struggling to get geant to work for the past week or so and I am hoping someone here can point to my errors. I have been following the instructions on this site for installing geant through the cmake gui to the letter. I am using the latest files available on the geant web page. I am using visual studio 2015 as my compiler. I am using windows 10. I'm going to start with the error I'm getting when I try to execute B1, then I will describe how I installed geant. I hope someone will see where I screwed up. Thanks in advance.

When I run exampleB1.exe I get the following error:
The program can't start because XXX.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.
Where XXX stands for G4GMocren, G4RayTracer, G4Tree, and G4visHepRep. The error repeats for each missing dll file.

I can only assume this means the program is looking in the wrong place for the dll files, but I cannot figure out where it's looking. So next I will describe how I installed geant. For the most part it is identical to the installation instructions on the geant site. So I will point out the important differences.

First, I installed geant into a folder I named GEANT4 on my desktop. So all file locations can can be known as
As far as the instructions are concerned, everything works perfectly up until I attempt to build example B1. When I set the path directory, I do exactly as instructed

Now here is where I deviate from the instructions. The geant source package does not come with the precompiled libraries. So when I try to make B1, cmake gives me an error saying it cannot find a particular library in my install folder. So I take the precompiled libraries I downloaded from the web page and place them into ..../geant4_10_01_p02-install. Before I made these additions this folder did not have an include the folder, the lib folder had zero .lib files, and the bin folder had zero G4 dll files. After I do this, cmake runs without a hitch. But the executable it creates gives me the error I described above. Where have I gone wrong? Or at the very least, where is B1 trying to look for these dll files? I have also tried building B1 using debug mode as well. It still did not work.

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