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Question Compiling AnaEx02 with ROOT using Cmake 

Forum: Installation and Configuration
Date: 28 Apr, 2015
From: Nicholas Kinnaird <Nicholas Kinnaird>

Hi there, I am having trouble compiling the AnaEx02 example, specifically using CMake where it fails to find the ROOT package. My ROOTSYS directory is linked correctly (I'm 99% sure), the root-config file is located in the proper bin directory, and the FindROOT.cmake files located in both the ROOT and Geant4 source code seem to be set up properly.

I've looked through old threads asking for help on the same issue, but all of the threads are from several years ago, where it seems that the most recent releases of ROOT and GEANT4 have integrated the solutions provided in those threads. (I've also tried solutions relating to changing CMakeParseArguments code, changing include directories, etc but either nothing changes or things get far worse.)

I'm hesitant to change the source code in any significant way since it seems like this is an issue that must have been rectified by now, and the included Geant4 examples should just work as long as I have everything installed, linked, and sourced properly. So I believe the problem is most likely on my end in some way that I'm not aware of.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I might go about fixing this? (Or maybe linking me to a previous thread that I might have missed.) Sorry for being somewhat vague here, I can provide more specifics if necessary. (I'm also on a Mac if that makes any difference.)

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