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Question Qt4 troubles with Geant4v10.0.2, Win7, Qt4.8.6, MSVS 2012 (v11) 

Forum: Installation and Configuration
Date: 09 Oct, 2014
From: Jonathan Wrobel <Jonathan Wrobel>

Summary: Given the configuration below, which version of Qt is known to work and how do you configure it in CMake?

My Configuration/Environment:
- Geant4v10.0.2
- Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
- MS Visual Studio 2012 (v11)
- CMake 3.0.2
- Qt 4.8.6

Long version:
The Geant4 Install Manual only specifies Qt4, however there is Qt v4.8.0 through v4.8.6, and for me Qt 4.8.6 is resulting in an unstable build. Iíd like to know if I should go backwards to a previous 4.x.x version, forward to a Qt 5.x.x version, or if there is something subtle that I am not doing and Qt v4.8.6 should work.

Iíve done my best to follow the install manual exactly (granted Iím using CMake 3.0.2 instead of 2.8.x) and I have been winding up with a partially functional Qt viewer/interface. I can configure Geant4 in CMake without errors, in that I only see missing items in the ďAdvanced viewĒ (see attachment 2), and I am able to generate in CMake successfully. I am then able to build/install Geant4 without any errors, in Release mode.

Once I build any of the examples against this Geant4 install (say, Example-Basic-B1) and go to run them, I will indeed get a Qt viewer. However it is unstable: if I try to use the help tree in the Qt viewer, it will crash. If I try to enter any commands (other than run/beamOn) at the Qt command prompt, including simple ones that edit the view (perspective, axes, etc.) it will crash. Having watched this Qt tutorial
(videos 2 or 3), I am unable to do any of those actions without Qt crashing, other than run/beamOn xx.

My CMake basic settings are shown in the first attachment, and examples of some of the missing links are shown in the second attachment (which has the "Advanced" view toggled in CMake). These missing files/libraries do not appear to exist in my Qt folder, so I am unable to manually point CMake to them. Are they needed and that is the problem? Is there a Qt version that has them or with which CMake/Geant4 can automatically find them?

Any advice or suggestions are much appreciated.



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