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Question Re: Incompatible Libraries and Granular Libraries 

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Re: Question Incompatible Libraries and Granular Libraries (Eric Stevens)
Re: Question Re: Incompatible Libraries and Granular Libraries (Ben Morgan)
Re: None Re: Incompatible Libraries and Granular Libraries (Eric Stevens)
Date: 20 Jun, 2014
From: Ben Morgan <Ben Morgan>

On Wed, 18 Jun 2014 21:14:44 GMT, erict7 wrote:
> G4LIB_USE_GRANULAR was not set by geand4make.csh or my Makefile, as far
> as I can tell. Checking after running the make command showed that
> G4LIB_USE_GRANULAR was also not set at that time. Interestingly, it
> seems that I had to run make with the -e option for G4INCLUDE to be
> recognized. I'm not sure why this became necessary when shifting to
> Geant4.10, but it is also possible that this is an issue specific to me,
> as I also have to use a 64 bit system instead of the 32 bit one I was on
> before. It's possible that make is handled differently on my new system.
> As for the ld incompatibility I mentioned before, it seems I was
> partially on a 64 bit system, but also not really. The issue has since
> resolved itself, now that I am on a dedicated 64 bit system.
> On a final note, it might be nice if it is possible to install the
> libraries for Geant4 in both 64 and 32 bit versions via a flag. Then
> switching systems becomes either a simple check (sometimes not so
> simple), or a manual environmental variable (flag) switch.

For information, what system are you running on (OS/Version/Compiler)? Looking at the 10.0.1 patch, I can't spot anything that changed the setup of the GNUmake fragments or generation of the geant4make.(c)sh scripts (certainly nothing directly related to granular libs. Are you able to build, using gmake, one of the Geant4 examples, say examples/basic/B1?

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