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Question Re: Incompatible Libraries and Granular Libraries 

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Re: Question Incompatible Libraries and Granular Libraries (Eric Stevens)
Date: 18 Jun, 2014
From: Ben Morgan <Ben Morgan>

On Tue, 17 Jun 2014 17:48:48 GMT, erict7 wrote:
> I have recently installed Patch 01 for Geant4.10 and have come across
> multiple issues. These have been complicated by being handed code that I
> have been told worked before, but that won't compile for me.
> When I installed the patch, I had granular libraries disabled (unset) of
> course, because it is my understanding that they are no longer
> supported. However, when I try to compile the code (using gmake), it
> always says: "Using granular libraries..." This will switch back to
> saying global if I use a version of Geant4.10 from before Patch 01 by
> changing the env.csh file and re-sourcing it, which in turn runs the
> geant4make.csh file specific to that installation. Any ideas on what to
> look for or how to specify to use global libraries? Could this be an
> artifact from before that is looking at some seemingly unrelated flag I
> haven't been able to track down myself?

Could you check the actual environment in both cases and check which G4... environment variables are set? The variable that controls selection of granular libs is G4LIB_USE_GRANULAR, and sourcing should always unset this. If you do find it set in your environment, check your scripts and see if you can track done where it's getting set. If that variable isn't present in the environment, then it's possibly getting set in the Makefile(s) for your project, so check to see if there's any reference in these.

> Just using the original Geant4.10 also doesn't solve the problem, as ld
> then insists that the only G4Tree libraries it can find are both
> incompatible. It is currently told to look in both
> Geant4.10-install/lib(64)/ and
> Gean4.10-install/lib(64)/Geant4.10.00/Linux-g++/ .

What error message does it actually output?

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