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Question Re: Error with GNUMakefile 

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Date: 12 Mar, 2014
From: Neil Fazel <Neil Fazel>

On Wed, 12 Mar 2014 10:24:42 GMT, Ben Morgan wrote:
> Hi Neil
> On Wed, 12 Mar 2014 00:46:16 GMT, Neil Fazel wrote:

> >     When you say "old" way, are there any advantages to switching to cmake? 

> You can also have several builds against the same source tree, without
> having to reconfigure and rebuild everything each time you change an
> option. For example, you could have one build directory that is
> configured to use Geant4 9.6, one using 10.0, and one using 10.0 with
> multithreading. With Geant4's GNUmake system, you'd need to continually
> delete, reconfigure the environment and rebuild for every version/config
> change. With CMake, you configure and build once for each variation,
> further builds being incremental.
> CMake was also selected because of its cross-platform support, easy use
> and ease of integration of other libraries/applications (e.g. Qt, Boost).

Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the information. Right now I'm able to build using cmake whereas 
gmake fails, so I'm motivated to switch. You mentioned that one can have a "build 
directory that is configured to use Geant4 9.6, one using 10.0, ...". How does 
one do that? I tried it, but replacing

cmake -DGeant4_DIR=path_to_Geant4_installation/lib[64]/Geant4.10.0.0/ ../exampleXYZ


cmake -DGeant4_DIR=path_to_Geant4_installation/lib[64]/Geant4.9.6/ ../exampleXYZ

before rebuilding wasn't enough to switch from 4.10 back to 4.9, i.e. the code was 
still linked with 4.10. (A thought: for 4.10, I source 


Is there something similar for 4.9?)

When installing using cmake, 'make install' attempted to install in /usr/local/bin/, 
which is not a user directory (no write permission). It seems I need to set 
CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX; does that require editting CMakeLists.txt or CMakeCache.txt?

Thanks for your help.


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