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Question geant4.9.6.p02 on Windows - crash before main() 

Forum: Installation and Configuration
Date: 01 Jan, 2014
From: Tom Roberts <Tom Roberts>

Has anybody gotten geant4.9.6.p02 to run on Windows? This seems so basic, yet I have problems. This is Windows Xp using VC++ 2008 and Cygwin, using the Cmake build system for Geant4. I build on rather old systems because many of my users don't update their OSs very often.

First, it wouldn't compile, due to invalid C++ code that happens to work on both Linux and Mac, as reported in:

After fixing that, it compiles and links (statically), but it crashes before main() is entered. This is VERY difficult to debug, as the command-line debugger (Mdbg) won't let you place a breakpoint before main() is entered. The crash is very bad and the stack is corrupted, so StackWalker crashes and I don't get a useful stack trace from the crash; moreover calling exit() starts it over and crashes repeatedly (even bypassing my check for re-entrant errors). By linking code with debug prints between libraries, I have narrowed it down to some static initializer in G4processes-static.lib, but that is huge.

It builds and runs all my regression tests on both Linux (SLF 5.4) and Mac OS X, but as usual, Windows is a problem. I have been building Geant4 on all three OSs since 2006; historically, most of my problems using a new Geant4 release appear only on Windows.

Any suggestions?

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