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Note Re: Statically linking libexpat/libxerces 

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Re: Question Statically linking libexpat/libxerces (Jan Christoph Terasa)
Date: 21 Jan, 2013
From: Ben Morgan <Ben Morgan>

On Mon, 14 Jan 2013 17:11:18 GMT, Christoph Terasa wrote:
> I have set up a static build of GEANT4 on a networked location, for
> other users in our workgroup to work with from their machines. Ideally
> they would not need to modify their configuration, since they either do
> not have root access to their machines, or work from terminals on a
> central server.
> My problem is that I cannot find a way to tell cmake to statically link
> against libexpat and/or libxerces (for GDML support). Thus all users
> need to run the code on machines which have libxerces (and possibly
> libexpat, if the fallback to internal fails for some reason) shared lib
> installed. Is there a way to statically link either libexpat or
> libxerces?

To statically link to expat/xerces, you can set the CMake variables

  • EXPAT_LIBRARY : Full path to the static expat library.
  • XERCESC_LIBRARY : Full path to the static xerces library.

This can be done on the command line via -D arguments, on in an initial cache file.

However, that still means the static libraries would need to be present on the users machines, whether locally installed or via your network install.



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