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Question Re: Static build with VS2010 and Geant4.9.5 

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Re: None Static build with VS2010 and Geant4.9.5 (Eric Abel)
Date: 14 Feb, 2012
From: Ben Morgan <Ben Morgan>

Hi Eric,

On Mon, 13 Feb 2012 16:33:01 GMT, Eric Abel wrote:
> I am trying to statically build Geant4.9.5 for Visual Studio 2010.  The dyn=
> amic build (per the user documentation) works.  However, I would like an ap=
> plication that is stand-alone, i.e. no dll's.  My first attempt was to buil=
> d both static and shared libraries, which caused linker errors (as Cmake wa=
> rned).  I then tried to build the static with no shared, which kind of work=
> s, but the linker gives an error "cannot open g4expat.lib".  There is no g4=
> expat.lib, because g4expat-static.lib was built.  I tried renaming g4expat-=
> static.lib to g4expat.lib and it threw the error "cannot find g4expat-stati=
> c.lib" (different from "cannot open" error above).  So somehow, the linker =
> is looking for both.  I combed the forum and found similar issues, but noth=
> ing close enough to help me debug this.  Has anyone else encountered this i=
> ssue?  Any suggestions?

I would suspect a bug in the static vs shared usage of g4expat - because we provide the option of using this from the system or as provided by Geant4, handling the static and shared cases is not straightforward.

However, just to be sure, can you provide more detail on where you are seeing the linker errors (and the content of said errors) please? These are presumably in the build of Geant4 itself rather than an application?

Depending of your exact use case, you may also be able to provide a standalone build using dlls via CMake's BundleUtilities.cmake script (try cmake --help-module BundleUtilities). It's not particularly well documented, but I know it's possible to use this to provide a .app style bundle on Mac and Linux. We'll of course try and fix the static build as well!



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