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Question Re: Geant4 build problem - can't compile 

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Re: None Geant4 build problem - can't compile (Bethany)
Date: 30 Sep, 2011
From: Ben Morgan <Ben Morgan>

Hi Bethany,

On Thu, 29 Sep 2011 21:13:19 GMT, Bethany wrote:
> Hello, I am trying to rebuild my Geant4 installation from a new machine
> in my group's cluster, and having it reference CLHEP at a different
> location than it was looking at when I ran on the previous machine
> (which was just decommissioned).
> Everything goes along well enough until I get to the build itself, when
> I expect to see things like "making dependency for..." and "compiling
> ___" and "removing library ___" as found here:
> However, all I get are the removing library statements plus a repeated
> error that looks like this:
>      Removing library libG4hepnumerics.a ...
>      Removing library ...
>      gmake[1]: *** [objs] Error 2
>      Removing library libG4geometrymng.a ...
>      Removing library ...
> The gmake... error seems to appear where I would expect the dependency
> and compiling statements to come up relative to the removing library
> statements, according to the file at the above link.
> I've installed and rebuilt Geant4 a number of times, and am not sure
> what to make of this. Googling and looking around the forum has shown a
> few similar errors, but nothing I've found has only this error and
> nothing else accompanying it by way of explanation or elaboration.
> Has anyone seen this/do you have ideas as to what I can check on? Any
> advice would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if there is any
> other information I can add to help explain the situation.

The source of the error isn't immediately clear - what platform/OS/Version are you trying to build on? Given that you don't see the 'making dependency' and 'compiling ...' lines, it sounds like you're trying to recompile an existing build that was built on the old cluster? If that's the case I would recommend starting a new build from scratch. If not, please let us know the steps you used to build Geant4.



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