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Warning X crashes during configuration of Geant4 on Mac OS X 10.7 

Forum: Installation and Configuration
Date: 11 Jul, 2011
From: Mojca Miklavec <Mojca Miklavec>


while trying to configure the latest beta version of Geant on Mac OS X, the X server crashes as soon as I select "yes" for Qt. The crash happens both with 9.4p02 and 9.5b01. Later I realized that I installed 1GB SDK from
instead of
After installing the second one it works now, but I still think that the crash should not happen. (Not sure if crash is a problem with Apple or with Geant4 though.)

Enable building of User Interface (UI) modules? [y] 
Enable building of the XAW (X11 Athena Widget set) UI module? [n] 
Enable building of the X11-Motif (Xm) UI module? [n] 
Enable building of the Qt UI module? [n] y
checking for qglobal.h... no
checking Qt major version... no
checking for qt-mt or qt library... no
checking for moc... no
launch_msg("CheckIn") IPC failure: Operation not permitted
Xquartz: Unable to locate waiting server: org.x.X11
Xquartz: = /Applications/Utilities/
Xquartz: Starting X server: /Applications/Utilities/ --listenonly main(): argc=2
	argv[0] = /Applications/Utilities/
	argv[1] = --listenonly
Waiting for startup parameters via Mach IPC. No launchd socket handed off, unsetting DISPLAY do_start_x11_server(): argc=3
	argv[0] = x
	argv[1] = =
	argv[2] = x4
Unrecognized option: =
use: X [:<display>] [option]
-a #                   default pointer acceleration (factor)
-ac                    disable access control restrictions
-audit int             set audit trail level
-auth file             select authorization file
-br                    create root window with black background
+bs                    enable any backing store support
-bs                    disable any backing store support
-c                     turns off key-click
c #                    key-click volume (0-100)
-cc int                default color visual class
-nocursor              disable the cursor
-core                  generate core dump on fatal error
-dpi int               screen resolution in dots per inch
-deferglyphs [none|all|16] defer loading of [no|all|16-bit] glyphs
-f #                   bell base (0-100)
-fc string             cursor font
-fn string             default font name
-fp string             default font path
-help                  prints message with these options
-I                     ignore all remaining arguments
-ld int                limit data space to N Kb
-lf int                limit number of open files to N
-ls int                limit stack space to N Kb
-nolock                disable the locking mechanism
-nolisten string       don't listen on protocol
-noreset               don't reset after last client exists
-background [none]     create root window with no background
-reset                 reset after last client exists
-p #                   screen-saver pattern duration (minutes)
-pn                    accept failure to listen on all ports
-nopn                  reject failure to listen on all ports
-r                     turns off auto-repeat
r                      turns on auto-repeat 
-render [default|mono|gray|color] set render color alloc policy
-retro                 start with classic stipple and cursor
-s #                   screen-saver timeout (minutes)
-t #                   default pointer threshold (pixels/t)
-terminate             terminate at server reset
-to #                  connection time out
-tst                   disable testing extensions
ttyxx                  server started from init on /dev/ttyxx
v                      video blanking for screen-saver
-v                     screen-saver without video blanking
-wm                    WhenMapped default backing-store
-wr                    create root window with white background
-maxbigreqsize         set maximal bigrequest size 
+xinerama              Enable XINERAMA extension
-xinerama              Disable XINERAMA extension
-dumbSched             Disable smart scheduling, enable old behavior
-schedInterval int     Set scheduler interval in msec
-sigstop               Enable SIGSTOP based startup
+extension name        Enable extension
-extension name        Disable extension
-query host-name       contact named host for XDMCP
-broadcast             broadcast for XDMCP
-multicast [addr [hops]] IPv6 multicast for XDMCP
-indirect host-name    contact named host for indirect XDMCP
-port port-num         UDP port number to send messages to
-from local-address    specify the local address to connect from
-once                  Terminate server after one session
-class display-class   specify display class to send in manage
-cookie xdm-auth-bits  specify the magic cookie for XDMCP
-displayID display-id  manufacturer display ID for request
[+-]accessx [ timeout [ timeout_mask [ feedback [ options_mask] ] ] ]
                       enable/disable accessx key sequences
-ardelay               set XKB autorepeat delay
-arinterval            set XKB autorepeat interval

Device Dependent Usage:

-depth <8,15,24> : use this bit depth.
-fakebuttons : fake a three button mouse with Command and Option keys.
-nofakebuttons : don't fake a three button mouse.
-fakemouse2 <modifiers> : fake middle mouse button with modifier keys.
-fakemouse3 <modifiers> : fake right mouse button with modifier keys.
  ex: -fakemouse2 "option,shift" = option-shift-click is middle button.
-version : show the server version.

Fatal server error:
Unrecognized option: (null)

Xquartz: start_x11_server: (ipc/mig) server died

Autodetection failed to locate Qt4 in  on your system.
Please enter the path to your Qt4 install (i.e. if Qt4 is installed
in PATH/include/QT, PATH/include or PATH/include/qt4, enter PATH),
or type '-' to CANCEL the build of the Qt UI module.
Qt path:  

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