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None Geant4.9.4.p4 Windows and DLLs 

Forum: Installation and Configuration
Date: 31 Mar, 2011
From: <>


I'm working with Geant4.9.4.p01 built via cygwin with VS 2008. I wanted to try out the shared libraries, and did so through the ./Configure script and just chose to build shared, no static. The resulting lib directory contains *.dll, *.a and *.lib. Does that mean I'm getting both the static version of the libraries as well as the dlls and import libraries? Now that I have G4 built, I'm working directly in VC++, and trying to set up my build to link correctly to the shared libraries. I have set G4LIB_USE_DLL, but I do receive linking errors due to unresolved symbols such as in G4Allocator. I was looking back at G4's binmake.gmk to get some clues and I noticed:

ifneq (,$(findstring WIN32-VC,$(G4SYSTEM)))
  # Windows
  WIN32TMP := $(patsubst -L%,$(LIB_PATH)%,$(LDFLAGS))
  LDFLAGS  = $(patsubst /,$(PATH_DEL),$(WIN32TMP))
  WIN32TMP2 := $(patsubst -L%,$(LIB_PATH)%,$(LDLIBS_PREFINAL))
  WIN32TMP3 := $(patsubst -L%,$(LIB_PATH)%,$(LDLIBS1))
  WIN32TMP4 := $(patsubst -L%,$(LIB_PATH)%,$(LDLIBS_KERNEL))
    ifdef G4LIB_USE_DLL
        LDLIBS = $(TARGETLIB) $(patsubst -l%,lib%.a,$(WIN32TMP3)) $(patsubst -l%,lib%.lib,$(WIN32TMP4))

My Makefile-ese is rusty, but am I reading that to say I should be including some portion of the *.a files in my link? And if so, which ones? I'm really looking for a low-level set of G4 libraries - so no UI or VIS is required.

Thanks! Heather

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