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Question AIDA Problem, Successfully Built But Terminated when Running 

Forum: Installation and Configuration
Date: 13 Jan, 2011
From: Linxi Shi <Linxi Shi>

Hi all: I'm using a Windows XP 64bit with Cygwin and geant4_9_3_p01. I was trying to run TestEm14 with AIDA. My AIDA Version is "osc_batch-16.11-Windows_NT-ix86-cl_1310" downloaded from openScientist.

The way I did:
----Set up AIDA enviroment 
I followed the the instruction on Openscientist to set up AIDA env: 
1. Decompress the AIDA zipfile to E:
2. Set up VC++ enviroment in cmd first
3. Before launching CYGWIN, I call 'setup.bat' located in 'E:\osc_batch\16.11' in cmd.exe
4. change to CYGWIn by typing  
     DOS> cd C:\CYGWIN
5. Check aida-config --incs
     and aida-config --libs, 
     results popped are CL.exe syntax as expected from instruction. 
A problem here is after failing later simulation, I came back to call a "check_install.bat" included in the same directory as "setup.bat". At first, everything is fine. But later, cmd dumped with a failure indication:
 a series of
 'batchlab::MemoryTuple::fill(int or double):column (0/1) not found'

 Chained Tuple:
 Processor : syntax error
 BatchLab::Calculator::initialize : findVariable failed.


------Continue Setup Geant4 in CYGWIN
6.source E:/Geant4/geant4_9_3_p01/
7.eanble G4ANALYSIS_USE: $export G4ANALYSIS_USE=1
  $unset G4ANALYSIS_AIDA_CONFIG_LIBS, as mentioned in OpenScientist instruction
9.And then went to TestEm14 directory "make"

My problem is:
Everything is fine during "make" process.
But when I tried to run the simulation "./bin/WIN32-VC/TestEm14" with "compton.mac",from which I want to see the compron scattter histogram, it automatically teminated with notice: 
 BatchLab::TreeFactory::create_tree : unknown type "".
 HistogramManager::book():problem creating the AIDA tree with storeName = testem14 storeType = root readOnly =0 createNew = 1 options = --noErrors export =root uncompress
Start Run processing

 -----Begin of Event: 0 

And same termination problem happend in A01 and A01Ex. Is there anyone can help solve this problem? Very appreciate your time and attention!!!!

Thanks, Linxi

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