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Note undefined reference to `G4QuasiFreeRatios::Scatter 

Forum: Installation and Configuration
Date: 02 Dec, 2010
From: Lucas Snyder <Lucas Snyder>

I am getting undefined reference errors when compiling my simulation. My simulation was working fine for awhile, I reverted any changes I made and I don't think I changed any evnvironment variables. The undefined refereces are all in regards to CrossSection::GetPointer or GetRatio (see below). I am using Fedora 13. Any ideas?

Thanks Luke

/opt/geant4.9.3.p02/lib/Linux-g++/ undefined reference to `G4QuasiFreeRatios::Scatter(int, CLHEP::HepLorentzVector, int, CLHEP::HepLorentzVector)' /opt/geant4.9.3.p02/lib/Linux-g++/ undefined reference to `G4QKaonZeroNuclearCrossSection::GetPointer()' /opt/geant4.9.3.p02/lib/Linux-g++/ undefined reference to `G4QKaonPlusNuclearCrossSection::GetPointer()' /opt/geant4.9.3.p02/lib/Linux-g++/ undefined reference to `G4QDiffractionRatio::GetRatio(double, int, int, int)' . . . etc. . . .

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to: "undefined reference to `G4QuasiFreeRatios::Scatter"

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