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Re: Question Cannot find headers (Neoh)
Re: Question Re: Cannot find headers (Ben Morgan)
Date: 10 May, 2010
From: Neoh <Neoh>

Hi Ben,

Sorry for the lack of information. Here's the output when I source the

 On this machine the G4SYSTEM=Linux-g++
 On this machine the G4INSTALL=/mnt/data1/application/geant4/src/geant4
 On this machine the G4INCLUDE=/mnt/data1/application/geant4/include/geant4
 On this machine the G4LIB=/mnt/data1/application/geant4/lib/geant4
 On this machine the G4LEVELGAMMADATA=/mnt/data1/home/emran/geant4.9.3/data/PhotonEvaporation2.0
 On this machine the G4RADIOACTIVEDATA=/mnt/data1/home/emran/geant4.9.3/data/RadioactiveDecay3.2
 On this machine the G4LEDATA=/mnt/data1/home/emran/geant4.9.3/data/G4EMLOW6.9
 On this machine the G4NEUTRONHPDATA=/mnt/data1/home/emran/geant4.9.3/data/G4NDL3.13
 On this machine the G4ABLADATA=/mnt/data1/home/emran/geant4.9.3/data/G4ABLA3.0
 On this machine the G4REALSURFACEDATA=/mnt/data1/home/emran/geant4.9.3/data/RealSurface1.0
 On this machine the CLHEP_BASE_DIR=/usr/local
 On this machine the CLHEP_INCLUDE_DIR=/usr/local/include
 On this machine the CLHEP_LIB_DIR=/usr/local/lib
 On this machine the CLHEP_LIB=CLHEP
 On this machine the G4DEBUG=1
 On this machine, G4UI_NONE is set, so no user interfaces are available
 On this machine G4VIS_NONE is set, so no vis drivers are available
 On this machine the XMFLAGS=
 On this machine the XMLIBS=
 On this machine the XMFLAGS=
 On this machine the XAWFLAGS=
 On this machine the XAWLIBS=
 On this machine the G4LIB_BUILD_ZLIB=1
 On this machine the G4LIB_USE_ZLIB=1
 On this machine the G4LIB_BUILD_SHARED=1

Our intention was to install geant4 in /mnt/data1/application/geant4/, and have our working directory in /mnt/data1/application/geant4/g4work.

As another note, we installed the geant4 as normal users, however when compiling it gave the error

 mkdir: cannot create directory `/Linux-g++/BT': Permission denied
 make: *** [/Linux-g++/BT/exe/BT.d] Error 1

This persists even after changing permission for the g4work directory. When compiling as root, only the output I post in the first message appeared.

I hope this is not too confusing. We are totally clueless too. I attach the and the installation in case one needs to examine it.




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