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Note Re: Build scripts bugs (9.2.0.p01) 

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Re: Feedback Build scripts bugs (9.2.0.p01) (Olivier LAHAYE)
Date: 17 Aug, 2009
From: Ben Morgan <Ben Morgan>

Hi Olivier,

Thanks for the feedback!

On Mon, 17 Aug 2009 09:24:52 GMT, Olivier LAHAYE wrote:
> 1) If you select build with Qt and choose /usr/lib64/qt4 as QTDIR, the
> moc program is /usr/bin/moc (a 3.3 version) instead of $QTDIR/bin/moc
> (/usr/lib64/qt4/bin/moc)

This is already fixed in CVS, where an extra check is done to confirm that the detected moc matches the detected Qt install.

> 2) There is no way to select a paralell build (make -j12). I need to
> edit the /config/...../ file 

I've been putting together a Configure-generated top level Makefile that should resolve this (giving you a potential Configure/make/make install solution). It is still a work in progress though...

> 3) 64bit is not handeled correctly. libdir name is hardcoded to lib
> instead of lib64 on 64bits systems. This prevents to install geant4 as a
> system wide application (typicaly from a rpm package).

Do you mean lib is hardcoded in the checks that Configure does, or the directories where the geant4 libraries are installed?

> 4) Configure script fails to recreate a config from a file. In
> fact, many variables are missed, resulting in a bad config. ./Configure
> -der -f -E If you do a diff between this and
> .config/bin/Linux-g++/ you'kll see that many variable are using
> default values instead of values from

Right, that's probably due to some incorrect logic in the handling of default values. I'll take a look.

> 5) and have missleading names. should be
> renamed should be renamed

Agreed, we'll see about changing these, or using the top-level Makefile solution.

> 6) if copy all includes in one directory is selected, then the make
> include in not triggered by default.

A Configure -install after the Configure -build usually handles this. Otherwise, if you're running direct with the Makefiles, gmake includes in the source directory should work. I may have misunderstood what you mean by 'not triggered by default' though?

> 7) No way to set XERCESCROOT from Configure script.

I'm not sure what you mean here - running interactively, Configure will automatically check for Xerces-c, and then query the user for XERCESCROOT if it doesn't find it. One can force the value via the variables



which you can set in your input, or at the command line with -D options.

> 8) No way to install geant4 as a system wide app like: /usr/bin (for
> binaries) /usr/lib64/geant4 (for libraries) /usr/include/geant4 (for
> includes) /usr/share/geant4/config (for config) /usr/share/geant4/data
> (for data) Instead (enventhough I said that I want to build only for one
> architecture), I'm force to have my libs and binaries in a sub directory
> named Linux-g++ which is more than ugly when you install a system wide
> application.

I'll take a look at fixing this!

> Please concider using autotools or cmake as build system as the current
> one is buggy and difficult to maintain (IMHO).

The collaboration is working on a replacement build system using standard cross-platform tools - we're aware of the issues with the current system... - and it's a work in progress at this point!



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