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Question Compiling and Linking GEANT4 with ROOT on Windows Cygwin 

Forum: Installation and Configuration
Date: 06 Feb, 2009
From: Paul Carlson <Paul Carlson>

I am having difficulty compiling and linking GEANT4 together with ROOT I am using GEANT4 to model Cerenkov light produced by spent nuclear fuel The platform I use is Windows XP with Cygwin. I use Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition along with geant4_9_1_p03. The original software works fine on the standard examples.

The model of BWR fuel I received was set up including calls to ROOT. I installed ROOT 5.222.00 in directory c:/root, but the makefile to compile the GEANT4 model could not find the ROOT header files. Modifying the INCLUDE environment variable to include C:\root\include didn't work. I tried CPPFLAGS = $(root-config --cflags) in the makefile, but it still didn't find the headers. I had to drop "shell" as Cygwin didn't recognize it. One thing did work, however. I changed all references to the root headers in the C++ source to include explicit paths, eg.

#include "TF1.h"


#include "c:\root\include\TF1.h"

and it found the headers. However it still could not find the ROOT library files at link time. Adding the path c:\root\lib to the environment variable LIB didn't seem to work.

I would appreciate any ideas from the forum as to how I can compile and link this code.

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