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Question MS Visual C++ 2008 EE configuration -- anyone done? 

Forum: Installation and Configuration
Date: 17 Jul, 2008
From: Jason Brodsky <Jason Brodsky>

I've spent the last few days trying to adapt Norman Graf's instructions for installing and using G4 in the MSVC++ environment ( ). His instructions are for G4.7 and MSVC++ 2005 Express Edition, and I'd like to run G4.9 and MSVC++ 2008 EE.

With a little bit of effort, I've managed to solve most of the problems I've run into, but I'm losing patience with the effort. I've got a decent (ssh into a mac) alternative, so I'm not planning on continuing the effort unless it turns out that there's some easy fixes to my problems.

If anyone's managed to set this up, could you please let me know? Mail or respond to this post. I'd love to hear what you did.

Solved problems (for reference for anyone else's attempts):

*MSVC++ 2008 will not accept certain syntax in the G4.7 source (e.g. G4.7 omits CLHEP:: where G4.9 has it)

*Norman Graf's files are not set up for G4.9. His zipped include directory contains G4.7 files, not G4.9, and his solution and project files reference the source code of G4.7, not G4.9. To fix this, you need to create new projects and update source files associated with the existing projects to reflect what's available in G4.9

*The setup Norman Graf gives for running example N03 is likewise good for G4.7, but not G4.9. The list of libraries needs to be changed, both for the G4 and CLHEP libraries.

(By the way, if you're reading this, Norman, thanks so much for your instructions and files--they provided a very clear start for me.)

Unsolved Problems:

*Examples N01,2,4,&5 will compile, but give runtime errors. e.g. "geant Unhandled exception at in N05.exe: Access violation reading location 0xfd00006c."

* Example N03 will run, but will not produce visualizations.

* With the G4UI_BUILD_WIN32_SESSION preprocessor flag set, the G4uibasic project will not compile.

* With the G4VIS_BUILD_OPENGL_DRIVER preprocessor flag set, the G4OpenGL project will not compile.

Thanks for any and all help. I'm happy to give full details on any problem (solved or unsolved) to any askers.


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