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Question A01 problems on geant4/cygwin/windows configuration 

Keywords: A01 cygwin jaida aidajni
Forum: Installation and Configuration
Date: 04 Mar, 2008
From: Douglass Schumacher <Douglass Schumacher>

Greetings. I can't get geant4 example A01 to run successfully with analysis turned on (G4ANALYSIS_USE=1). I am a new geant4 user and a newcomer to this forum. I am also new to AIDA, et. al.

Base configuration: Windows XP. geant4 (v. 4.9.1_p01) installed using J. Perl's excellent installation guide with no problems. So, I'm also using: cygwin, "Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0" and "Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition". Example N01 works fine and example A01 with analysis OFF works fine.

I'm using Java: jdk1.5.0. (I've tried other versions as well).

What happens next depends on which versions of JAIDA/AIDAJNI I use. In all cases, I export the variables as specified in README.JAIDA and source the setup files.

JAIDA 3.2.4 and AIDAJNI 3.2.6
I get the following error message at link time:
  Compiling ...
  Using granular libraries ...
  Linking A01app ...
  Creating library c:/g4work/bin/WIN32-VC/A01app.lib and object c:/g4work/bin/WIN32-VC/A01app.exp
  freehep-aidajni-3.2.6.lib(JIBrushStyle.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "__declspec(dllimport) class std
  ::basic_ostream<char,struct std::char_traits<char> > & __cdecl std::operator<<(class std::basic_ostream<char,struct std:
  (the description goes on for some length)
If I run the A01app.exe anyway, the screen blinks at the place where
it should bring up windows with histograms and then it terminates.
A01.aida is not written.

JAIDA 3.2.1 and AIDAJNI 3.2.1
This combination gets a compile error because AIDA/AIDA.h can't be found.
I added this line to GNUmakefile:
   CPPFLAGS += '-Ic:\aidajni\aidajni-3.2.1\include'
and commented out the original line setting CPPFLAGS and then it
compiled and linked.

When I ran it, I got to the point where this was printed:
   Loaded linked in JVM.
and then it crashed.

I believe the error occurs in at the line:
   tree = treeFactory->create("A01.aida","xml",false,true,"compress=yes");


Different combinations of versions of JAIDA/AIDAJNI do slightly different things, but these seem to come the closest to running. On earlier versions of JAIDA/AIDAJNI I have to run dos2unix on the setup files before I can source them or bash complains. Earlier versions also get a collision from the pre-processor regarding a warning about a collision between CLHEP and AIDAJNI over a macro called 'VERSION'.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

Regards, Douglass

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