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Question Configuring the Environment in Windows(Cygwin) 

Keywords: Configuring the Environment in Windows
Forum: Installation and Configuration
Date: 27 Jan, 2008
From: Jorge Ferreira <>

Hi folks, I have a problem here. When I'm configuring the environment in windows in the tutorial I must set: export G4WORKDIR=c:/g4work source c:/Geant/geant4_9_1/

export is ok, but when I set source c:/Geant/geant4_9_1/ I receive: source c:/Geant/geant4_9_1/

bash: =c:/Geant/geant4_9_1/lib/geant4: No such file or directory
bash: c:/Geant4/geant4_9_1/ line 115: syntax error near unexpected token 'else'
bash: c:/Geant4/geant4_9_1/ line 115: 'else'

Itīs the error code part

# For BIN

="c:/Geant4/geant4_9_1/lib/geant4" else G4LIB="c:/Geant4/geant4_9_1/lib" fi export G4LIB if [ X$g4non_display = X ] ; then echo "On this machine the G4LIB=$G4LIB" fi fi

If I delete some parts I can execute but I cant see On this machine the G4SYSTEM=WIN32-VC On this machine the G4INSTALL=c:/Geant4/geant4_9_0 On this machine the G4LIB=c:/Geant4/geant4_9_0/lib My list begins with "On this machine the G4LEVELGAMMADATA=c:/Geant4/geant4_9_0/data/PhotonEvaporation2.0"

What can I do? Thanks in advanced ;)

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