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None problem with output dates to a file in exampleN03 

Keywords: exampleN03
Forum: Installation and Configuration
Date: 18 Dec, 2007
From: Paul <Paul>

Hi. I have a problem with example 3. I need to save my measure results to a file. I have created a file "MySession.hh" and I have implemented like in Unfortinately, I uses "simulation.mac" and what is more, it runs after the program has finished with CYGWIN console. How do you save your results to a file? What should I change in order to use simulation.mac?

File MySession.hh

#include "G4UIsession.hh"
#include "fstream"
#include "iostream"

using namespace std;

#ifndef MySession_H
#define MySession_H 1

 class MySession : public G4UIsession
 ofstream logFile, logFile1;
   G4int ReceiveG4cout(G4String coutString);
 G4int ReceiveG4cerr(G4String cerrString);
 {"results", ios::app);"errors", ios::app);


 G4int MySession::ReceiveG4cout(G4String coutString)
 logFile << coutString << flush;
 return 0;

 G4int MySession::ReceiveG4cerr(G4String cerrString)
  logFile1 << cerrString << flush;
  return 0;

In file I have [...] // Opening session for writing data to output file MySession * LoggedSession = new MySession; UI->SetCoutDestination(LoggedSession);

// commends to set output data UI->ApplyCommand("/run/verbose 0"); UI->ApplyCommand("/event/verbose 0"); UI->ApplyCommand("/tracking/verbose 0");

// starting a run
UI->ApplyCommand("/control/execute simulation.mac");
delete LoggedSession;
Thank you for help

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