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Re: None Using shared_ptr (from the boost library)
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Date: 21 Nov, 2007
From: Peter Niessen <>

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On Wed, 21 Nov 2007, Gabriele Cosmo wrote:

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> Hi Peter,
> > In my application, I usually do a lot of "new", espescially in the
> > detector construction: New Elements, new Material Properties, new
> > volumes, etc.
> >
> > Then, before returning the physical world volume, I lose all these
> > pointers, as they go out of scope:
> materials and geometrical volumes/solids are 'cached' and registered in stores internally
> in Geant4. These pointers are de-registered and deleted at the end of the application
> if not explicitly done by the user. If an exception occurs, no tiding up is done implicitly
> by the Geant4 kernel...

Hi Gabriele,

I just tried it in a small example and replaced all the 

G4Material *ne102a = new G4Material ("NE102A", 1.032 * g / cm3, 2);

etc. by 

boost::shared_ptr<G4Material> ne102a (new G4Material (...));

and pass them to the other methods like

boost::shared_ptr<G4LogicalVolume> scintillator_log
	(new G4LogicalVolume (scintillator_box.get (),
	ne102a.get (),

but of course, since I pass the pointer and not the shared_ptr in the
G4LogicalVolume constructor, boost doesn't increase the count and
deletes the stuff at the end of ::Construct () -> not good.

I guess I'll leave it as it is.

> btw, you certainly don't want to delete the pointers within the construct() method... you
> may want to keep the pointers as members of the class, or implement a way to cache
> them if wish to reuse them elsewhere within the lifetime of your DetectorConstruction
> object.

> Gabriele

Peter Nießen (Peter Niessen for special character challenged displays)
Bartol Research Institute
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716-4793
U.S. of America

Tel (+1)302/831-8700
Fax (+1)302/831-1843

Aber icerec, der alte Knochen, war ja schon immer die H-Milch unter
den Metaprojekten, also koennte sim2.0+rec1.5.9 ne lange Ehe werden.

S. Klepser, August 2007

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