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Question Is it possible to "reconstitue" a hits collection in a new job? 

Forum: Hits, Digitization and Pileup
Date: 05 Nov, 2017
From: Michael H. Kelsey <Michael H. Kelsey>

We have a multistage experimental simulation: generating backgrounds particles to record detector energy deposits, modelling the detector response to those deposits, and finally modelling sensor readout traces from the detector response. I am trying to organize our simulation framework so that we can both run a full end-to-end simulation, or record the intermediate stage data and run just a subsequent stage from that.

I have this working for the "hits to detector response" stage, but I'm having trouble with the "detector response to readout" transition. We have implemented the latter using Geant4's G4VDigitizationModule framework, which uses a HitsCollection of detector response entries (phonon and charge carrier absorption on the detector surface) and produces a DigiCollection of readout traces.

What I would _like_ to do is to read back in a file containing the detector response hits, build a new HitsCollection containing those hit entities, and then call the digitization module just as we would in the end-to-end simulation. Should this be possible? When I run what I thought would work, it seems like two separate HC buffers (G4HCofThisEvent) get created, and my reconstituted collection is in the "wrong" one.

  -- Michael Kelsey

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