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Question EndOfEventAction and Hit information 

Keywords: Hit s
Forum: Hits, Digitization and Pileup
Date: 29 Dec, 2003
From: Taylan Yetkin <>

Hi Everyone,

I'm filling a couple of histograms with total energy deposition inside 
calorimeter's one part by using the EndOfEventAction(). I defined my Hit and my 
Sensitive Detector classes for the relevant part of the detector. However I need 
to put a kind of cut for the particles which are hitting the sensitive 
detector: If the beta of the hitting particle is above from a certain value
fill 1st histogram, else fill 2nd histogram. To do this I need to reach particle's 
dynamical informations such as its total energy or its total momentum inside
 the EndOfEventAction(G4Event*) function. But I could'nt find a way
to reach that information just by using EndOfEventAction. If you have any idea 
could you please help me?

I tried one another thing: Inside my sensitive detector and hit classes definition I used 
another typedef for the desired beta cut


typedef G4THitsCollection<MyDetHit> MyDetHitsCollection;  // for all hits with no cuts

typedef G4THitsCollection<MyDetHit> MyDetBetaHitsCollection; //for hits whic satisfy the condition  beta > aValue condition


G4bool MyFiberBetaSD::ProcessHits(G4Step*,G4TouchableHistory*){
//By using the G4Step I reached the G4DynamicParticle and calculate the
// beta value for hits. 

if(pBeta > aValue){
        MyDetHit* aHit = new MyDetHit();
        if(theDet == Detector->GetDet()) aHit->AddEdep(edep,stepl);
        HCID[copyNo] = DetBetaHitsCollection->insert(aHit) - 1;
        if(theDet == Detector->GetDet())

And then by using MyEventAction class I tried to fill histogram with Edep
which is calculated as above. Well, It didn't work

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