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Question Multiple Layer Detectors. How to declare sensitive in the READOUT_GEOMETRY? 

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Date: 07 Nov, 2009
From: <kalitan>

Dear Experts/Geant4 Users,

I am working on a project using 3 or 5 Layers of scintillator bars. Each Layer has a Horizontal and Vertical ReadOut Planes, and each plane is composed of many scintillator bars with dimension 1 cm x 2 cm x 240 cm. The situation is similar to the one reported in the forum:

Since each layer is separated by some distance, the concept of parameterisation may applied on the Layer Placements, while the concept of replication is useful within the specific planes. I wrote a code below for the X-read out of the HORIZONTAL plane only.

  //  The X-READOUT

  G4VSolid * oneXRO_Box
    = new G4Box("oneXRO_Box",firstLength/2,AbsThick/2,AbsHeight/2);

  G4LogicalVolume * oneXRO_Box_log
    = new G4LogicalVolume(oneXRO_Box,Vacuum,"oneXRO_L",0,0,0);

  G4VPhysicalVolume * oneXRO_Box_phys =
      new G4PVPlacement(0,

  G4Box* solidAbsX = new G4Box("AbsX",                   //its name
                   AbsWidth/2,AbsThick/2,AbsHeight/2);   //its size

  G4LogicalVolume* logicAbsX 
      = new G4LogicalVolume(solidAbsX,          //its solid
                            Scinti,             //its material
                            "logAbsX");         //its name

   G4double nXDivNs = int(firstLength/AbsWidth);    

   //G4VPhysicalVolume * physiAbsReplicasX = 
     new G4PVReplica("physicalAbsReplicasX",

  //  The Y-READOUT

======================================================================== Questions:

(1) How do we write/declare these Layers/Planes as sensitive in the detector construction? I mean, should I write two separate SD files? (e.g, xReadOutSD.{hh,cc} and yReadOutSD.{hh,cc}). Is there other way of doing this?

(2) Since I need a read out geometry, I wrote/modify the codes above for the READOUTGeometry for BOTH X- & Y- readouts. How do we declare the two planes as sensitive? Is the ff. OK?

  myDummySD *dummySD = new myDummySD;
 return ROWorldPhys;

where ROlogicAbsX/ROlogicAbsY is the logical component of a single scintillator bar, which will be replicated.

(3) Is there other ways of constructing this detector?



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