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Question Simulation generating too energetic patricles 

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: 12 Mar, 2009
From: Oscar Larsson <Oscar Larsson>


I've got two questions this time. Hope you can help me. I'm running simulations where the incident particle traverses an aluminum hull before hitting a silicon detector.

First question, I know that the G4BinaryLightIonReaction has an energy range between 80 MeV and 10 GeV. But in the "Lisa" example, which is one of the included examples in the G4 package, I found the following in the PhysicsList:

  theIonCascade= new G4BinaryLightIonReaction;

this makes sens to me, but a few rows below I found the following three lines of code:

  theGenIonCascade = new G4BinaryLightIonReaction;

My question is now, can I use the G4BinaryLightIonReaction from 0 MeV and not just from 80 MeV as stated here: ???

If this is the case, does this hold true for G4WilsonAbrasionModel as well?? Can I go below the minimum energy threshold as stated by the geant4.web???

Second question, In my model I'm using the G4WilsonAbrasionModel for Generic Ions with an energy range of 70 MeV to 10.1 GeV. When running a 9 GeV/n Magnesium simulation the model produces an H4 particle with an energy of 40.842064 GeV. As you can see this corresponds to >10.1 GeV/n. This makes the simulation crash with the following error message:

---> Begin of event: 5070

--------- Ranecu engine status ---------
 Initial seed (index) = 0
 Current couple of seeds = 615865649, 1638193093
G4EnergyRangeManager:GetHadronicInteraction: counter=3, Ek=10210.516, Material = Silicon, Element = Silicon
*0* low=0, high=80
*1* low=70, high=10100
In src/, line 123: 
===> GetHadronicInteraction: No Model found
In src/, line 123: 
===> GetHadronicInteraction: No Model found
Unrecoverable error for:
 - Particle energy[GeV] = 40.842064
 - Material = Silicon
 - Particle type = H4[0.0]

*** G4Exception : 007
      issued by : G4HadronicProcess
ChooseHadronicInteraction failed.
*** Fatal Exception *** core dump ***

*** G4Exception: Aborting execution *** Aborted (SIGABRT)

Now my questions are: What can I do to counter this error?? Can I tweek the energy range of the G4WilsonAbrasionModel? If so, will the model still be valid for energies higher than 10.1 GeV/n?

Cheers! Oscar

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