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Question hang-up with G4NeutronHPCaptureData 

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: 04 Mar, 2009
From: Gregor Simmer <Gregor Simmer>

Hi, There:

I'm simulating a Voxelphantom and have serious trouble with Hadronic Processes. Whenever I shoot protons with Energies above 80 MeV onto my Voxelphantom the run-process doesn't continue after a having calculated a few thousand Events (sometimes earlier, sometimes later).

Running in Debug-Modus the Backtrace-Command tells me that there is a

SIGINT Interupt

and that the G4VDiscreteProcess is waiting for an interaction length which it should receive out of the G4NeutronHPCaptureData library!!

There is no error sign but the calculation seems to go into an infinite-loop.

It took me several days/weeks to find this problem because as you might know, protons in this energy-range need a lot of calculation-time. But I don't know how to solve it. My physics list seems to be okay. Beyond I post my code for the NeutronHPCapture Process.

Please help me as my thesis is heading to a deadline and I really need the proton-data!!

Yours, Gregor

	G4HadronCaptureProcess* thenCapture = new G4HadronCaptureProcess();
	//HP-Einfang-Model bis 20 MeV
	G4NeutronHPCapture* thenHPCaptureModel = new G4NeutronHPCapture();
	//Einfang-Model ab 20 MeV
	G4LCapture* thenCaptureModel = new G4LCapture();
	//zugehoerige Datensaetze
	G4NeutronHPCaptureData* theNeutronCaptureData = new G4NeutronHPCaptureData();
	//Zum Prozessmanager

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