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Sad QGSP_BIC_HP HPNeutronInelastic pb with kinematics 

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: 17 Feb, 2009
From: sauvestre <sauvestre>

Here is my problem. I am using geant4
version 4.9.1.p03. In my simulation,14 MeV neutrons are impinging 28Si or 16O targets. I was
 first interested in (n,alpha) reactions but now i am also looking at elastic
as well as inelastic scattering. As i had horrible doubt about the physics
list i was using, i have decided yesterday
 to export the PhysiscsList of hadronic/Hadr01 in my code using QGSP_BIC_HP via
the command /testhadr/addPhysics QGSP_BIC_HP. Unfortunetly, the results i have are the same as the ones i had before. You
 will find in attachment a postcript file in which i have  plotted
 the lab energy of the scattered 28Si versus its lab emission angle as an example. The elastic
 scattering is well treated and the kinetic energy ranges from 0 up to 1.8 MeV
 as expected. At this stage, all is ok!!!! However, as you can see on the right figure (zoom of the left
 one), i can distinguish curves that may result from inelastic scattering on
 excited states of 28Si (i guess it just because i do not see any other
 processes that will give me 28Si in the final state as there is no fusion
 evaporation in HP. right?). To obtain such a bidim, i have inserted a
 condition in asking for recording events if particleName ==
 28Si[0.0]. I really don t understand the shape of these curves. In case of
 inelastic scattering ( i have not checked this but it must be) the lab
 emission angle has to be less than 90 deg which means that these curves must be under the elastic one. Furthemore, their shape is quite strange. Normally, if inelastic ones, for a choosen excited state, the curve must begin at 90 deg with no kinetic energy up to a maximum theta_max and then goes back to 0 Mev energy at 0 deg lab emission . I must do something wrong for sure
 but i am a little bit lost at this stage. I really need help. Can you tell me
 where am i wrong?
> Thanks in advance.
> jean-etienne

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